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Topic: Garritan Studio and GPO KP2 Compatibility

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    Question Garritan Studio and GPO KP2 Compatibility

    I have been using Garritan Studio to instance GPO KP1 eight times for MIDI channels 1 through to 64 in Finale 2005. I have now upgraded to GPO KP2 but I can't load GPO KP2 into Garritan Studio. I have tried copying the GPO KP2 VSTi (dll) into the VST sub-directory in the Garritan Studio folder as I thought it would look for it there? Does anyone know if GPO KP2 is actually compatibile with Garritan Studio version 1 or 2? If not, is there another way to instance GPO KP2 several times in Finale 2005, or is this just not possible with GPO KP2?
    Many Thanks

    Alan T

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    Red face Re: Garritan Studio and GPO KP2 Compatibility

    Sorry!! Wrong Sub-forum, should have been in GPO, I've added a copy there.

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