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Topic: Garritan Studio and GPO KP2 Compatible?

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    Question Garritan Studio and GPO KP2 Compatible?

    I have been using Garritan Studio to instance GPO KP1 eight times for MIDI channels 1 through to 64 in Finale 2005. I have now upgraded to GPO KP2 but I can't load GPO KP2 into Garritan Studio. I have tried copying the GPO KP2 VSTi (dll) into the VST sub-directory in the Garritan Studio folder as I thought it would look for it there? Does anyone know if GPO KP2 is actually compatibile with Garritan Studio version 1 or 2? If not, is there another way to instance GPO KP2 several times in Finale 2005, or is this just not possible with GPO KP2?
    Many Thanks

    Alan T

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    Re: Garritan Studio and GPO KP2 Compatible?

    Hello Jon

    Thank you for help with this. I'll take your advice and stick with KP2, especially as I have now found out that one instance of KP2 supports up to 64 instruments. I think multiple instances in Finale 2005 would be just a bit of an overkill for my orchestrations


    Alan T

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    Re: Garritan Studio and GPO KP2 Compatible?


    In all Finale versions after 2005, you can use KP2 directly from Finale. In 2005 though, you have to use GPO Studio.

    The only other option to make 2005 work with KP2 might be to use a program like Midi-yoke, to route your midi signal out of Finale into KP2.

    Each instance of KP2 allows up to 16 instruments, not 64.


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