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Topic: Stupid of future

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    Stupid of future

    Anybody has experience using Linux(UBUNTU) with:

    a. wined Sonar
    b. wined Garritan libs
    c. wined KP2 player
    d. wined Overture 4

    Just a thought............


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    Re: Stupid of future

    Yes, I do Ubuntu but not with all of those wined apps.

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    Re: Stupid of future

    I remember reports of kontakt and gpo working under wine, but i dont believe that sonar would run in wine. I tryed once, but sonar is deeply compromised with the windows enviroment (the dlls and runtimes it need), and i dont passed the splash screen. The hosts that i heard work ok in wine+wineasio are podium, reaper, luna, energyxt (none of them with a score view). Most of this proggies has all the necesary files in their single folder.
    Marcelo Colina

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