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Topic: Bandoneon

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    Does anyone know if there are any decent samples for Bandoneon ? Looking to add it into a tango project.

    There was some mention in this forum about 3 years ago, but hopefully there have been developments since.



    Oops..I seem to have sent this message twice...dont' know how to delete it...sorry!

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    Re: Bandoneon

    East West Gypsy comes with a Bandoneon. I like its sound very much, but the editing left me disappointed. That was after it came out and I didn't touch it since. So with the recent updates it could have changed.

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    Re: Bandoneon

    Thanks appreciate the advice..


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    Re: Bandoneon

    Quote Originally Posted by guille guareschi View Post
    This bandoneon just came out and sounds great!
    I confirm, very impressive, alive and . . . no expensive

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