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Topic: Thoughts on EWQL Pianos???

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    Thoughts on EWQL Pianos???

    Hi all. I am thinking of purchasing the new EWQL Pianos library and I was wondering what thoughts or comments you guys might have on it in this forum.

    I went to their website and checked out the demos, and I have to say, I am pretty blown away by them right now. The version of "Rhapsody in Blue" that they have for the Bosendorfer sounds amazing!! Very life like and realistic, and the room ambiance recorded with it makes it sound like a truly "live" performance. I know some people prefer their sample instruments to be as dry of reverb as possible, and add in verb later, but I really like how East-West tends to capture an instrument in its own space, and the 3 mic position mixing seems like there are enough options to fit most any circumstance.

    An acquaintance of mine recently got the library and I was able to play the Bechstein briefly, and the playability and sound seemed really solid for the time I got to try it out. I also got to play the Yamaha for a quick minute, and that one seems like a nice snappy pop piano, but unfortunately did not have time to actually sit down and play the other two.

    I feel like the biggest hold up for me would be the size of the content. 260GB is nothing to sniff at!! I have extra space in one of my slave computers and I think it might just be worth the space. So far, it sounds like all that extra multi-sampling adds a lot of realism that is lost in libraries that draw from much less content and use more algorithms and physical modeling to fill in the gaps. It hurts to give up that much space on a hard drive, but it looks like that trade off just may be worth it for the sound.

    I really like what I've heard and played thus far, but was wondering if you guys could help me out with any feedback before I take the plunge and I fork over the $450 or so that it costs?


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    Talking Re: Thoughts on EWQL Pianos???

    Oh yes, thoughts, impressions, pleeeeease!!!

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    Re: Thoughts on EWQL Pianos???

    I took the plunge and bought QL Pianos. Installation took a whole day!! Whew! The pianos are working really well on my Mac. I can use player and room at the same time. This is a freaking fantastic sound. The built in reverb is fantastic too.

    Bosendorfer: This is the best film score piano I've heard. It's very warm, but also has a huge dynamic range, so it can get really loud and pretty bright. All the pianos default to a straight sensitivity curve. I think they should make it a little bit scooped. That sounds perfect to me. Anyway it's adjustable. This Bosendorfer is the best sampled piano I've ever heard. But, I'm a Thomas Newman fan.

    Steinway: This is the best all around piano in QLP. It's similar to Ivory, but is warmer and much more fluid and resonant. Judging from the Garritan demos, I would say it's similar, but QLP gets the edge on soft notes.

    Bechstein: This is a fantastic classical piano I think, but it's also good for pop if you play it hard. There is a pop preset, but that's too bright for me. The regular piano is better. Like the other pianos, the soft notes are great.

    Yamaha C7: This is similar to Ivory. I would say QLP is a tad better though.

    I think QL Pianos is the best Quantum leap library to date. It feels like you are playing a real piano.

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    Re: Thoughts on EWQL Pianos???

    I just listened to the Quantum Leap demos and I have to agree that it seems like the most realistic piano. Any other opinions?

    Should I buy that or should I buy the Official Steinway D? QLP seems like a much better deal. Is that because it has less samples and quality?

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