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Topic: Vienna Ensemble 3

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    Vienna Ensemble 3


    This looks amazing.
    I need it.

    who is using it with vsl on here?

    I have some questions..

    check out the video under
    Introducing Vienna Ensemble 3 (NEW)


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    Re: Vienna Ensemble 3

    i'm using it with a 32GB RAM vista 64 dual quad monster server. hopefully when the teething problems are fixed (computer doesn't work!), it will single handedly replace my 4 PC orchestral farm.
    we'll see...

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    Re: Vienna Ensemble 3

    Hey ooberfino, which motherboard are you using in your monster?


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    Re: Vienna Ensemble 3

    hi there, I have a Tyan Tempest i5400pw. It has 16 memory slots so plenty of growing room there, and takes the latest Quad Xeons - two of them!

    Initial tests with VSL over LAN worked perfectly until Vista 64 froze up and died. It's fixed now so will test further soon.

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    Re: Vienna Ensemble 3

    I've been using VE3 for some time now and it is really really good. I use it with a MacPro Quad (using localhost mode) and 3 macmini slaves all over gigabit ethernet. I get 256 sample latency in the host (and use the single buffer mode in VE3 rather than the default x2).

    Works like a charm.

    If you have any questions let me know or post over at VSL.



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    Re: Vienna Ensemble 3

    So tim, do you use the standard ethernet out through a router or some sort of PCI card to get ethernet to all 3 mini's? Are the minis running the samples directly off its main system HD, or do you run them off a FW external? Any noticeable latency in your system? Thanks in advance for your reply!

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    Re: Vienna Ensemble 3

    I use the standard ethernet on the Pro and Mini's all plugged into a dedicated NetGear 5 port 1000/100/10 Hub.

    The Mini's have upgraded HDs (100GB 7200 RPMs for the system disk) but the samples are stored on FW400 attached Lacie 7200RPM 200GB Little Bigs. The Mini's are also decked out with 2GB although I've heard some may take 3GB now.

    Everything runs on Leopard.

    I find I can play live with out any noticeable latency. Occasionally and this seems to be a problem with VSL in general on first play of a note I get a shorter note than expected. It's apparently something to do with the way OSX handles memory - but this is not unique to the networked VE3 solution. I had the same issues using MOL and directly plugged audio back to the main DAW.


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