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Topic: Mixing your music

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    Mixing your music

    Hi everyone,
    Many folks here create music that is deserving of a good recording.

    I think we spend our life sharpening our skills, and we all have different gifts and abilities, not to mention experience.

    I am not writing music like some of you here, instead, I have been a recording engineer most of my life.

    I am offering my mixing services to those who would rather not mess with all the audio stuff. I will charge based on the amount of instruments and length of the music. I will take your midi file and turn it into a recording, and payment can be made through PayPal, simple as that.

    If you are interested, please contact me through my website's email page, or email me at...


    Thanks folks,

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    Re: Mixing your music

    Wow, Dan, this is great to hear! I'll most definitely
    keep this in mind.

    And let me add a very sincere endorsement based
    on my personal experience with you.

    Dan Kury is among the most knowledgeable and able
    recording engineers I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.
    But his talents go well beyond skill and long experience,
    augmented and enhanced by the gift of a native
    musicality and artistic sensitivity that he brings to every
    recording he does. I'd recommend him without hesitation.

    And you can quote me on that!

    My best,


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    Re: Mixing your music

    Very cool!

    Would you also mix Vangel.is -like synth based stuff?

    Cheers Matt

    PS: What demented bastard webadmin from Hell put the swearfilter on the Sacred Name of the Archangel of Electronic Music????

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    Re: Mixing your music

    Let me jump in and add my 1007% endorsement here.

    Dan is absolutely an inequivocal master (no pun intended... sort of) of the mixing and mastering world. I've seen many listening forum posts in which disclaimers have been understandably included stating a lack of experience (and interest) in that aspect of creating what we call -- somewhat unfortunately -- "computer music" (it's still people music to me). It's definitely an art requiring much time, patience, experience, and most of all an extremely musical ear to pull off successfully, just as Dan does without fail.

    This is a great opportunity for those inexperienced people and those of us with shorter and shorter time available.

    Thanks, Dan!

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    Re: Mixing your music

    Alright! This is an awesome offer Dan! Sort of like KTels 400 CD's for 19.95 but Wait!

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    Re: Mixing your music

    WoW David, you really laid it on thick You too Danny.

    I appreciate your words of confidence so much and hope to help some of the folks here who are frustrated at all the audio jargon, plugins, soundcards and the knob twisting that goes along with it.

    It was brought to my attention by another forum member that I should offer this service. Recording and mixing is what I do to pay bills, so it only seems fitting to let members here know that I am ready to mix their music. Perhaps the upcoming 2008 Garritan Christmas CD may be a good time.

    Thank you guys for your very generous words of endorsement.
    It means a lot to me.

    Matt, I will mix anything from Rock to Bach, here is a link of some of the stuff I have mixed in the past, with explanations of each group.

    Styxx $19.95 while supplies last, for a limitied time only,,, CALL NOW!

    Thanks guys

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    Re: Mixing your music

    Dan, This is an amazing idea! Can you give some indication of your pricing? Thanks!
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

    http://reberclark.blogspot.com http://reberclark.bandcamp.com http://www.youtube.com/reberclark

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    Re: Mixing your music

    I charge approximately $100.00 per recorded minute. So if the song is three minutes it would be $300.00
    This is based on a midi file that has full orchestration, with at least some form of mod wheel data that would indicate the desirable expression in the piece.

    I would always quote a price before starting the song, that way there is no confusion. No surprises The final project would include an audio CD mailed to you and an emailed MP3.
    Thank you Reber!

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    Re: Mixing your music

    Hi Dan!

    This is a great offer! Thanks!!

    I'm wondering...

    What would the charge be to just do a final mix/master from audio tracks?

    Take Care,

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    Re: Mixing your music

    Finally, I was waiting for this..... Now you see how talents can be transferred into paper with numbers on it. DPDAN, I wish you good luck with this and sincerely hope you will get a lot to do (and earnings). It is a great idea.


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