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Topic: The Snowman - who dares?

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    The Snowman - who dares?

    Anyone want to tackle The Snowman? I've been toying with the idea for a long, long time but I just can't bring myself to tackle such a behemoth alone.

    It's a beautiful piece by Howard Blake. Around 28 mins long, including the famous "Walking in the Air". I would love to try to GPO the entire piece from start to finish but the other day, as I was watching the movie again, I began to think maybe several of us on the forums could take a section (or "movement") each and we can put it all together as one complete piece. I'd be happy to host the final product, since I have the webspace.

    Maybe by Christmas, we could release an additional Garritan Christmas Album. The GPO users' performance of The Snowman. I think it would be awesome. Anyone else?

    If there's enough interest, I can post the full recording for people to hear before they commit

    What's say, all?
    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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    Re: The Snowman - who dares?

    Absolutely! I'm Game!!!

    Serenity Musician Productions (Gary A.)

    Lenovo ThinksStation S30, Windows 10 Professional 64-bit, 20 gig ram, 2 terabyte hd., M-Audio Fast Track, Finale25, Sonar Professional

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    Re: The Snowman - who dares?

    lol that idea went down well!

    So many people interested...
    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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    Re: The Snowman - who dares?

    Here's a section of an email conversation I had with Mr. Blake about this very idea. Wonderful sense of humor, but he offered some insight into how to arrange "Walking in the Air". I bought the complete score with intention of sequencing it - that is until my wrists gave out. (read bottom up)

    From: howard blake [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxxx@virgin.net]
    Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 1:55 PM
    To: Steve Mitchell
    Subject: Re: The Snowman - Walking in the Air

    Dear Steve,

    May I suggest you contact Tim Brooke at Faber Music and buy a full score of the complete Snowman (26 minutes and including THE song) ; then you can get the same orchestration on your setup. You can't simulate Peter Auty, but it might help you to know that when I scored the cartoon I originally wrote it as an instrumental for Cor anglais! I'd love to hear the result!

    You're right, it's sort of unusual for me to be talking on the net. My last publisher suggested earlier this year that I was out of touch so I've been making an effort to get back in touch- and what a great way the net is to do that! Especially with someone who made me laugh.
    All best wishes,

    From: Steve Mitchell [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@charter.net]
    Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2004 1:31 AM
    To: 'howard blake'
    Subject: RE: The Snowman - Walking in the Air

    Hi Howard - Thank you for your email.....There are most likely PLENTY of boy-sopranos here in the Fort Worth area - we do have our very own Van Cliburn, but I'm afraid I personally don't have a boy-soprano at my beck and call. : ) You got Peter Auty, and I will have to fend for myself. : )

    I read a couple of years back where the producers of "The Snowman" finally gave Mr. Auty his due, which was late but nice. I'm thinking he sings opera now, but I'm not sure.

    Back to the subject at hand. My first exposure to the work was actually as a standalone concert piece via Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Christmas Album. The orchestration in that arrangement had sections of it that illustrated to me how wonderful the work would sound done by a simple string quartet or small string ensemble - sends goosebumps all over. But it would still need the vocal or a reasonable facsimile.

    Bottom line, I have a warm, heartfelt attachment to "Walking in the Air", and I'd love to render it my way, just to have it. But alas, how to arrange it without the aforementioned vocal talent, and have it play as well.

    From: howard blake [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx@virgin.net]
    Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2004 8:39 AM
    To: Steve Mitchell
    Subject: Re: The Snowman - Walking in the Air

    Well of course 'Walking in the Air' can be sung by a soprano- and quite often is. There is a new CD out called 'Lifecycle' ABC Classics 476 1184 William Chen piano(australian) which you can get on Amazon in which there is a concert piano version of it. It is one of 24 pieces which are available from Highbridge Music in a printed volume. There is a CD and DVD of the original animated film and there is also a complete CD and video of the stage show (90') Reiner Moritz Associates 1999.(90 mins) Faber also do an orchestral publication of it for school orchestras.(Stage show about to do its 7th christmas season in the West End) There is even a string quartet version of it I did for the Medici. Perhaps if you tell me what you have in mind, I can tell you if it exists!!

    Sorry to hear about the lack of boy sopranos in North Texas. I thought you had everything...
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Steve Mitchell
    To: Howard Blake
    Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2004 10:11 AM
    Subject: RE: The Snowman - Walking in the Air

    Thank you so very much.

    Have you ever scored the work as an instrumental, w'o the Boy Soprano (a severe loss I agree amounting to sacrilege, but as Boy Sopranos are at a premium here in North Texas)?

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    Re: The Snowman - who dares?

    How nice to see Howard Blake here, if only "in copy".

    If you're reading along, Howard -- a warm welcome!



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