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Topic: Question about Steinway installation?

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    Question Question about Steinway installation?

    In the course of installing the Steinway, my DVD burner died, so I ended up with less than a complete installation. Not understanding how the whole sample manager thing worked, I uninstalled the Steinway and reinstalled it after replacing the DVD burner. All in all, I think I uninstalled a couple of times before I finally got everything installed correctly. How do I ensure that only one "official"installation has been made? This was all on the same PC - I do hope to install the Steinway on a laptop once I purchase a new one at some point in the future - but how do I know that only one installation has been oficially registered?

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    Re: Question about Steinway installation?

    When I received the Garritan Steinway Piano, I installed it on my main DAW and went through the registration process. Then I installed it on my laptop and when I attempted to register it, I got a notice that it was already registered. So I just used the "key" from the first installation again, and the software became functional on the laptop. So evidently, the registration process is a one-time event, and the subsequent 4 installations work from the original key. If this is not correct, someone jump in and set this straight. John

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