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Topic: violin concerto first movement

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    violin concerto first movement

    I composed this in 2005 and orchestrated it sometime in Spring of 2006. When I got more RAM and was able to improve the quality of the CPU I noticed that string volumes and aspects of phrasing are altered. Moreover, I moved house and noticed that the acoustics of the room and the position of the computer can also change the sound quite drastically - and the alterations really bothered me and I withdrew most of my stuff for a while. Since I first started using garritan back in 2004 I have learnt a lot - especially about coupling instruments and ends of phrases (overlaps are SO important!). Dynamics and balance between instruments are a continuing problem as is phrasing - its just a question of trial and error - even after lots of practice! I use Sibelius 3 with GPO where each dynamic has to be done individually. I have toyed with the idea of upgrading to Sibelius 5 but the thought of starting from scratch again fills me with dread!
    After a rest of some months I have re-edited the first movement of this concerto with all this in mind and am reasonably happy with it . . . . for the moment at least

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    Re: violin concerto first movement

    My gosh, Stephen, this tender adagio is just gorgeous!
    With its introspective Celtic inferences, an idiom I'm
    partial to, it moves fluidly across perception like velvet.

    Beautifully written, and superbly rendered, this stands
    out for me amongst some of the best of its kind that
    I've heard, here.

    Very well done!

    My best,


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    Re: violin concerto first movement


    You have created a wonderful, delicate and original composition!
    It has a reflective mood, enchanting themes and interesting turning points. Orchestration is also rich with details and change of instruments.
    I hope you will continue the project!
    Learning how to get close to one's goal is a process, and the missing knowledge is always coming one's way when one is ready for it...


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    Re: violin concerto first movement

    Enjoyed this very much Stephen. A good combination of strong, assured writing mixed with tender and sensitive lyricsm. I can appreciate the effort that has gone into this in terms of rendering and attaining perfection. Thanks for sharing and please let us hear more.

    Regards, Graham

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