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Topic: Help identifying a sample

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    Question Help identifying a sample

    Hi everyone.

    This may sound like a strange request but can someone perhaps help me identity a sample that I believe is from a sample pack or library?

    I've heard it in two completely different scores by two composers and therefore am led to believe its not unique to one composer, but is from some library or sample pack of some sort.

    Here is a link to a low-res MP3 file. The two samples from the two scores play once after the other, with a pause between each:


    What you need to pay attention to are the staccatto electronic samples, which to me sounds like a processed guitar. You can safely disregard any other instrument. These samples are not the same loop, but they are the same instrumental sound, and one is played faster than the other. I would really love to know if anyone recognises this and can tell me where its from. Im a composer myself and would like to use this sound in my own work.

    To download the file, just click the link above and look for the flashing orange arrow. The download link is there.

    Many thanks everyone. Someone told me it could be a Nine Volt Audio loop? Is this true or perhaps its from another sample pack by a similar company?

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Help identifying a sample

    I think it's a distorted guitar with a tremolo effect and a filter with a LFO on the cutoff-frequency.

    I guess it's a custom sample. You can hear it all over the older Hans Zimmer/ Media Ventures scores (the rock, broken arrow etc.)


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    Re: Help identifying a sample

    Yeah, Ive heard it in those scores. But then it cropped up in a video game in 2000 so Im guessing its a non-MV sample.

    Any ideas anyone?

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