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Topic: Steinway - Compression Suggestions

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    Steinway - Compression Suggestions

    At the risk of being pilloried, would anyone have suggestions re compression settings to turn the Prof Steinway (under the lid) into a piano useful in a pop setting ? There's no compressor on board, or presets like with some of the other sampled pianos to start off with - so I could do with a bit of help here.

    Many thanks

    Richard P

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    Re: Steinway - Compression Suggestions

    Are you using the Steinway within a sequencer, or as stand alone?


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    Question Re: Steinway - Compression Suggestions

    I too would appreciate some help understanding compression settings - I am rather a newbie to Sonar 7.02 Producer, thanks so much in advance!

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    Re: Steinway - Compression Suggestions

    As the Steinway is essentially just a real Steinway that's been recorded, produce it like it's a real Steinway that's been recorded for pop:

    Use a close mic setting. Under the lid probably works great.

    Boost the top midrange ~2-5K and a little of the high end for some sizzle using EQ (Sonitus on Sonar would work well).

    Compress with a gentle attack and release envelope and a ratio around 4:1. (I like the Vintage channel plugin with Sonar for this).


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    Re: Steinway - Compression Suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestion.


    Richard P

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