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Topic: another ethnic libary question

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    another ethnic libary question

    sorry to start another thread re: ethnic libraries, but i have a couple specific questions.

    i'm looking primarily for oud, and secondarily other middle eastern instruments. i see they're contained in ra and ethno world 4, but for me those libraries are sort of overkill since i don't need 75% of the contents. are there any other more specialized libraries with as good quality? basically, the less i spend on a sample library to demo with, the more i can pay a musician to rerecord for the final score.

    also, if anyone can convince me as to the superior quality of ra or ew4's samples (i.e. great multisampling, velocity layers, articulations, etc) i'm all ears. thanks!

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    Re: another ethnic libary question

    I just recently purchased RA under sounds online's 2-for-1 sale and have been very pleased with it.
    Check out some of the product demos here.
    EDIT: For some reason, NS blocks "sounds online" as one word.

    I found that the sound quality and realism that I was able to produce with RA out of the box was very similar to the quality that I heard in the demos.
    I don't feel like I was in any way tricked or led astray by the mp3 samples on their site, which unfortunatley is something that cannot be said for every sample library.
    Of course I still have a lot more to learn about RA, but I have been very pleased with my investment thus far. As many have said before, it does not have the broadest or deepest range of instruments and articulations, but I think that for most projects, RA strikes a close-to-perfect balance for most of the guys in the film music field.

    As regards the Oud, I like the one RA has but I don't have anything to compare it to.
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    Re: another ethnic libary question

    You can download the Oud from Origins for $29 here along with a few other ethnic instruments.

    It's certainly not worth paying for RA or Ethno world 3/4 for just a couple of instruments.

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    Re: another ethnic libary question

    I concur with Bem on this issue. RA is easy to use out of the box and it sounds great. You may not even desire to add any processing or reverb to it.

    I'm very pleased with the oud sample too. These are some tracks I did with RA that feature the oud:



    I may have added a bass drum sample from another library in these tracks, but 95% of the samples are Ra samples.


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    Re: another ethnic libary question

    thanks for the help...didn't even know samplebase existed, so i'll definitely at least try out the player and demo pack.

    @marko: see, now when you go posting stuff like that i almost HAVE to go buy ra. great demos!


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