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Topic: The Ocean of Love

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    The Ocean of Love

    A new song (pop-folk-country or some mix of the 3) using GPO Harpsichord and JABB Clarinet which might be lost in the mix. Would love your thoughts and comments:

    Located at:

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    Re: The Ocean of Love

    Have taken another crack at this based on a lot of comments received. Thoughts and comments welcome.


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    Re: The Ocean of Love

    Listened to the second version of this, Sunny; a well
    done Folk-Rock tune... liked it!

    Now, you know this isn't an area of music I'm immersed
    in, particularly -- but, given that, I liked the sound and
    feel of this.

    In ancient times, I listened to quite a bit of this genre,
    and occasionally sat in with the bands playing in the
    college towns where I went to school. Some of them
    were quite good, and this material compares favorably.

    I might suggest a little cleanup on the first few seconds
    of intro and closing.

    All my best,


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