Help, Oh, Help! I cannot play audio files with a wave extension.

I've changed something inadvertently and now my XP computer will play mp3 files but not wave files. This may have happened when I used bios to deactivate the MOB module on my Intel board (the module was failing) and the next day used a registry cleaner. It may be that an important registry entry has been blown out of the machine.

Today, I plugged in a new Diamond PCI audio card and after installing the drivers the system works perfectly fine except that:
  • It will not play wave files that are selected via Windows Explorer.
  • I have tried sending wave files to both Windows Media Player and Nero Showtime and wave files will not play
  • However, if I choose an MP3 file in Windows Explorer, that type of file will play in both of those players.
  • If I load a wave file in either Audacity or Nero WaveEditor, the file will play through the system while it is in those programs.
So far, I've made sure that:
  • The new PCI card is selected and working fine under the sounds part of the Control Panel
  • Windows Media Player is selected as the default program for playing wave files
  • Wave file on the Diamond soundcard mixer is not muted and the volume is up.
  • Because MP3 files will play to the system, I know that everything else is correctly connected all the way out to the speakers

With that, I'm at the end of my repertoire.

Has anyone seen this problem on an XP machine before?

To add to the mystery, when I try to play a wave file on either Nero Showtime or Windows Media Player, the file seems to load up but the player does not play anything --- it just sits at 00:00 setting.

Even more interesting, if I go into the properties of the file, Windows seems to think that the wave file is a picture -- the length is listed as 00:00, the media type = picture and it even gives a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Please help because I would not like to try to find a batch utility to convert every wave file on the machine over to an MP3. Since I'm a musician and a voice researcher, there are gigabytes of wave files on this machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.