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Topic: Dumb Question

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    Dumb Question

    I know this sounds really ignorant, but then I'm no Einstein. I searched the forum for an answer, and while I'm sure it has been posted I couldn't find it.

    I bought JABB quite some time ago. So long ago, in fact, that it was before the release of the Kontakt Player 2.3 version. My version is 1.1.9. But I got involved in a huge arranging project and didn't want to switch horses in mid-stream, so to speak. So I downloaded the newer version, but didn't install it. I've been running Finale in rosetta so the JABB would work.

    Now I'm all finished with the big project, and I want to install the upgrade. When I ran the installer, it installed the Kontakt Player 2.3. But when I went to authorize it, it wanted a serial number. I typed in my orginal serial number, but the NI service center gave me a message that it was not the correct serial number. I went looking on my hard drive for the new application, but all I could find was the v. 1.1.9. I also can't find on the Garritan web site any links for downloading upgrades to JABB, but I remember when I bought the library, that upgrades would be free.

    Where would the installer have put the newer version of JABB? And where would I find the new serial number?

    I'm sure you good folks can help me out with this. Thank you, very much.

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    Re: Dumb Question

    Thank you for your reply. I knew I had seen it somewhere, but I couldn't remember. Again, thanks.

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