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Topic: Installing True Strike on a Leopard MAC

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    Installing True Strike on a Leopard MAC

    I purchased True Strike one and two several weeks ago, intending to install it on my new MAC Pro (Leopard) computer. Unfortunately, I was unable to load the DVD data discs to the destination drive. The installer program did not recognize the data discs. Project SAM indicates that this is a known Leopard problem and suggested that I simply copy the data from the discs to the destination hard drive (this was easy) and then run the installation program.

    I'm not precisely sure of what was meant by "run the installation program"..... I simply re-inserted the installation disc into the DVD drive and followed the normal directions. However it simply leads me to the same place in the installation process where it asks me to insert the Data DVD's and then, as before, does not recognize the DVD's in the DVD drive.

    How can I get the installation disc program to understand that I have already put the sample library data on the sample hard drive?... and then continue the installation process?

    Or am I missing something here?

    By the way, I have Kontakt 3 already installed and am just interested in installing / activating those samples in Kontakt format.

    David Young

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    Re: Installing True Strike on a Leopard MAC

    I think you have to keep on asking for instructions from the manufacturer, they know the best. Just send them what you just posted here, I'm sure they'll find some way to get you through the process. Or even call them.

    I've been thinking of buying True Strike myself too and I'm on Leopard, so I'd be interested to hear how they solve it.

    I'm not familiar how True Strike works, but is the sample activation in the installation program? Because if it isn't, then have you checked that maybe you can open the libraries just after copying them? Does the installation program do anything else then copy the libraries?

    Also, based on what you wrote below, I think they wanted you to copy the contents of the DVD to your hard drive and then run the installation program from the hard drive. Maybe this way it won't ask you for the dvd's?

    I'm just guessing here.... I hope you get it running!!! And let me know how it works out!

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    Re: Installing True Strike on a Leopard MAC

    Quote Originally Posted by chambermusic View Post
    I'm not precisely sure of what was meant by "run the installation program"
    David, the DVD is the problem, so remove it and go to where you transferred the content on to your hard drive. Look for the installer there. It might have an icon of an open box, or it might have a custom icon.

    Which icon did you click on from the installer DVD? That same application should be on your hard drive as well. How big is the folder containing the transferred files? Is it the same as what you copied from the DVD?
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