Sorry to post this here, but I've posted this question on Cubase forums, NI forums and gotten hundreds of 'hits' but no replies. (Is it just -me- or are most of these sites getting less and less 'helpful' as time passes?)

I just need someone to give me 1 minute who has converted a Halion FXP into Kontakt.

I have a gazillion halion 2 and 3 Halion FXPs that I'd like to convert to Kontakt. I've tried using the automatic import in K3 but it is somewhat limited so I have some questions on the quickest way to edit these to get them into shape.

1. Halion has 'playback modes' eg. 'Drum Mode', 'Raw Mode' which ignore any envelopes and play the entire sample from start to end. This information doesn't get imported into K3 so when you let go of the key, the sound just stops. What I've been doing is to assign a VCA envelope with a long release to each group. Is there a faster/more efficient way to simply get all samples to play to the end (ignoring the key up release)?

2. When K3 imports an FXP it seems to assign a separate group to each sample. WOW! I thought it would do a separate group for each Halion -folder- but this seems too much. Is there a way to -not- import into separate groups?

3. Is there a way to automatically select -all- samples (zones?) on a key? In Halion you can click on the keyboard below the samples grid and et voila! all samples on that key are selected.

I've been using Kontakt for a long time so there's no need to re-explain concepts. I've just never bothered converting Hal programs into K3 before... I always just had separate NKIs and FXPs and never mixed 'em.