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Topic: OT: HELP! WARNING! music e-commerce fraud...

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    Exclamation OT: HELP! WARNING! music e-commerce fraud...

    Dear collegues, we all buy lot of software with e-commerce transactions.

    For that reason I ask your help, and I launch a warning.

    I've been victim of an unbelievable fraud in Germany:

    The company "DJ Palace / Musik Palace Berlin" was advertising as "shipping in 3 days" Cubase Essential 3 months ago, when it was not available yet. (It's already a suspect action, but nothing wrong in being quickly active updating the site ready for the imminent launch...)

    I payed via PayPal the price, but they never sent anything to me. At every reminder or complaint via e-mail they simply don't answer, at every call to the hotline, they always answer "shipping next week".

    In this way they consumed the time for asking PayPal for refound (45 days) and after that they no longer answer to any kind of call or message or fax asking to payback the money.

    Actually i didn't receive anything, and didn't recive any refound. I wrote to the German Consumer Association, but they refused helping me.

    1) WARNING! The DJ Palace / Musik Palace Berlin company is not relaiable at all, and maybe is running a voluntary fraud.

    2) HELP! Is any German Forum Member available to help me with some suggestion or linguistic support?



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    Re: OT: HELP! WARNING! music e-commerce fraud...

    I don't know if your problem can be satisfactorily resolved. But it was good that you posted the warning. I suspect that such activity is not so rare.

    I had a similar problem some years ago, where I was stalled over a long period and shortly before time ran out, I insisted on and obtained a refund. The lesson you have pointed out, is don't skate too close to the edge. If any signs of stalling are present, take action before expiration!!


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