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Topic: OT: Clorox Commercials

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    OT: Clorox Commercials

    You guys ever seen those Clorox commercials? The mermaid and pirate ones with the holy-crap-amazing music?

    These ones:

    They are FINALLY offering extended versions of the songs on iTunes!!!! Not only are they offering those two songs, but full versions of all songs from all recent Clorox commercials. They call this "The Blue Sky Project"

    The Blue Sky Project: A Clorox Charity Collection, is an uplifting album of songs used in popular Clorox commercials, extended to full-length tracks by the original musicians, with half the purchase price benefiting Music In Schools Today, a charity that supports music programs in public schools (mustcreate.org).

    While it's not unusual for companies to receive letters about their advertising, sometime around 2005, Clorox began receiving an unusual number of letters and emails specifically about the music in several of their commercials. People loved the music, wanted to know where it came from and where they could get it. This was the birth of The Blue Sky Project.
    For those of you that have iTunes installed, use this link: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/M...65338&s=143441

    I bought "Pirates" and "Mermaid" a few seconds ago...


    I highly recommend you buy. And hey, it's for a good cause, right?
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    Re: OT: Clorox Commercials

    I bought these a few weeks ago (with an iTunes gift certificate I was very fortunate to receive... they really make great gifts!). They are indeed amazing pieces with extremely catchy simple melodies (just my kind!).

    Though I don't think I said anything about it, I first came across the commercials on YouTube... somebody who had subscribed to my channel had them under his favorites...
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