Hi everyone,
my only composition to date.

I named it Transitions in Life. It features transitions from elevator music, love theme music, some John Williams and of course there is some David Foster style in there too, and a Jeremy Lubbock flavored ending.

Transitions In Life

The PDF Score was created by Jim Wiiliams (snorlaz). I thank him for making this score only from me counting and my midi file.
That could not have been easy.

I dedicate this to my good friend Gary Garritan. He said I should dedicate it to Sparky, my wonderful 16 year old Schnauzer that I had to put to sleep in November 2006. So Gary, I dedicate it to both you and Sparky, because you and Sparky mean more to me than anyone will ever know.


Garritan Steinway Virtual Model D Concert Grand piano

GOS section strings
Garritan Stradivari Solo Violin
and the following instruments are from GPO
3 flutes
one oboe
one clarinet
one bassoon
two trumpets
T-Bone overlay
3 horns
1 tuba