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Topic: Stylus SAGE Converter Problem

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    Stylus SAGE Converter Problem

    I'm trying to convert a few libraries to RMX format by dragging the REX files onto the SAGE converter. The problem is, if there are to many files in the folder I drag to the converter I get an error message saying there's too many files.

    Is there a way around this? I find this pretty cumbersome.

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    Re: Stylus SAGE Converter Problem

    You'll need to change the folder structure or drag in individual folders. Just look at the window layout in the RMX browser, I'm not in front of it right now but I think if you have more than 3 folders in the hierarchy then there won't be enough menu windows in the RMX browser to accommodate that. Stick to 2 folders or less and you should be fine.

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    Re: Stylus SAGE Converter Problem

    Check out the SAGE Converter tutorial and that chapter in the Reference Guide.

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    Re: Stylus SAGE Converter Problem

    I too have found this with some librarys 'ready for RMX' - Bah.

    But... easy work-around is to split the folder 'with too many files' - the limit is 61 I think... but double check.
    Create a new folder
    Rename both folders in series (A,B - et al)
    Drag half the files into 2nd folder
    Sage Away...

    Its a very small Pita.. but worth it to get stuff into RMX.

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    Re: Stylus SAGE Converter Problem

    Thank you. I'm looking into that now.

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