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Topic: Love CAMB!

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    Love CAMB!

    I bought Concert and Marching Band a couple of months ago. I have to tell you all those people in the funny hats hanging around my house all the time and eating up all the Captain Crunch in my cupboard is driving me crazy. Not to mention the drum line waking me up at all hours.

    No, seriously, I bought the sample library and I have to say, "Wow!" Let me say that again: "Wow!"

    I haven't explored all the instruments yet, but I'm loving it. The brass are full and bright, as brass should be. And it's great being able to pick and choose: "Let's see, do I like this oboe from GPO better, or this one from CAMB?" I love that flexibility.

    And I can't believe I have baritone samples! I've long wanted to experiment with using this instrument in an orchestral setting. To see how it blends with cellos or violas. To create a low brass trio of 2 tubas and 1 baritone playing dark chords in open position. Or to use it as the bass member of the French horn section, so the 4th horn doesn't sound so growly. I just know I have hours of joyous instrumental exploration ahead of me.

    Congrats, Gary, on a superb collection.

    Now if I can only keep that alto clarinet player from chasing my house boys...

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    Re: Love CAMB!

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    Re: Love CAMB!

    Aha! You notice there's no alto clarinet player. That's because he's off chasing my house boys.

    And I do believe I see Captain Crunch crumbs on the face of the bass drum player.

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