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Topic: Brahms D minor piano concerto anyone?

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    Brahms D minor piano concerto anyone?

    I was just wondering if any owner of the Steinway library would be interested in working on a render of at least the first movement of Brahms D minor piano concerto, I recently found our Dover edition of the complete Brahms concerti in full score and thought it'd be a fun project (I don't own the Steinway library myself but put together the first 45 bars or so with GPO).

    Up to M45!

    I'm basing this somewhat on this interpretation, conducted by Bernard Haitink and played by Rubenstein.

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    Re: Brahms D minor piano concerto anyone?

    It's such a big undertaking you probably won't get many takers for this venture, especially if users are working on other projects (myself included). What you have done so far sounds very good, with phrasing musically shaped. I would encourage you to continue with the first movement from where you have left off. Please post next section when you have it done - it's definitely one of the greatest piano concertos ever written, and you have made such a good start.

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    Re: Brahms D minor piano concerto anyone?


    This is a very large undertaking and while I do not own the Steinway, you might find someone interested.

    I also like what you have done so far. If you had a finished piece, you may have more luck with your request.


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    Re: Brahms D minor piano concerto anyone?

    You're certainly off to an excellent start on this
    difficult piece, Simon -- very, very well done
    thus far... I practically grabbed the computer
    and said, "No no no! Don't stop now!"... rofl.

    Good luck finding a suitor for the Steinway part!

    My best,


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