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Topic: Help tweaking sound in GigaEditor

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    Help tweaking sound in GigaEditor

    I'm trying to alter the decay of a Giga instrument, so that once the key is lifted there's a relatively quick fadeout of the sound. (Currently it lingers for 2-3 seconds.)

    I've opened the sound in GigaEditor, and tried changing envelope 1 (amplitude) so that the release time is one second. But this change seems to have no effect. Can anyone offer any hints as to how to accomplish this?



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    Re: Help tweaking sound in GigaEditor


    What you did should work, but first you have to make sure all regions (notes) and splits (dimensions) are selected. Right clicking on the velocity window will show these options. Make sure to lock to all regions and all splits, and try to apply your change again. You shouldn't need to save and reload to hear the changes, but you'll need to save when you get what you like.

    Good Luck,

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    Re: Help tweaking sound in GigaEditor

    Hi Belbin,

    Thanks for the quick response! I tried right-clicking in the velocity window like you said, and locking to the entire instrument before making my parameter change again. But my changes to "Release (sec)" seem to have no audible effect, even after I save. Are there any other parameters which made affect the duration of the sound after the key is released?


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    Re: Help tweaking sound in GigaEditor

    Never mind - got it working. Thanks again!

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