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Topic: Djembe Soundfont

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    Djembe Soundfont

    The djembe soundfont is now available. Over a year in the making (procrastination is wonderful, isn't it).

    Anyway, the soundfont has 7 different articulations, each with 10-12 velocity layers for each hand. The keyboard is mapped such that L-R hand playing is natural, just like on the real drum.

    $20 gets you one of the most versatile percussion instruments in the world, right on your hard drive. Check it out here:

    Djembe Soundfont

    Here is the saga of recording and assembling this instrument:


    Thanks, and I hope to hear from you!


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    Re: Djembe Soundfont


    I've added some new demos, showing the djembe as a solo playing some patterns, and in an ensemble context.

    Please check it out:

    Djembe Soundfont

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    Re: Djembe Soundfont

    The Djembe is a great instrument, I will check it out!

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Djembe Soundfont

    Thanks, Hannes. It's always been one of my favorites - the sheer number of tones and articulations that a skilled player can coaxe out of it.

    This project started out as just something personal - I wanted to be able to add a djembe to some of my tracks although I didn't own one (and don't count as a skilled player).

    When talking to my friends about it - the one's I recorded it with - we decided to go ahead and do it right - lot's articulations, lot's of velocity layers, and try to sell it.

    I toying with adding an "Advanced" version in sfz format with stereo samples and even more velocity layers. The sf2 format has some size limitations, and everything is in one, huge file.

    I'd love to put together one in Kontakt, but I don't expect at this point to sell enough to even earn back my investment in the sampler if I did that.
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    Re: Djembe Soundfont

    I wonder, could this be used with Rolands HandSonic 15 (HPD-15) hand percussion pad?

    Regardless, Sounds great and I will purchase just for the fact that we have a class each week on Wednesdays where a professional player teaches students and teachers the art of playing Djembe. Would be nice to have me own sound for demonstrations.

    Very nice, thank you for the offer!

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    Re: Djembe Soundfont

    I wonder, could this be used with Rolands HandSonic 15 (HPD-15) hand percussion pad?
    If you can map different parts of the pad to different MIDI notes, then, yes, you can do it.

    BTW, if I do make any further improvements to the soundfont, I will send out free updates to all purchasers.

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