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Topic: Parallel Thirds and Sixths

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    Parallel Thirds and Sixths

    If one is going for more consonance than dissonance at a certain moment and non-harmonic tones are involved in the melody, would it be wise to alter the thirds or sixths to fourths or fifths when having a third or a sixth would produce two non-harmonic tones?

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    Re: Parallel Thirds and Sixths

    Probably not. In traditional harmony parallell fifths are forbidden, and parallel fourths rarely used, since they produce a quite special, modal-sounding effect.

    Note that in a strictly tonal language (eg. Mozart) non-chord tones are not a problem, as long as they are resolved correctly.

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    Re: Parallel Thirds and Sixths

    I've just been reading a large volume on jazz orchestration where there is discussion about parallel 2nds and 4ths,3rds and 6ths and so on and how the various modes operate within the harmony, and the following thought occurs: Does it sound good, if so it is good,

    OR are you having it marked for academic accuracy, if so you need the theory right: (by the way nobody told JSB that parallel fifths were banned)- its all based on whats easy (or hard) to sing in four part harmony.
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    Re: Parallel Thirds and Sixths

    I would say that there are endless ways of making something "sound good", and rules should only apply when you want them to.

    On the other hand, theoretical knowledge may often help you carry out your ideas in a more efficient way just than trial and error. Traditional voicing is often misinterprented as a set of hard-coded rules: it is not, it is a tool.

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    Re: Parallel Thirds and Sixths

    I was talking more about a situation in which I might want to go from a third to a fourth, when going to a third would produce more non-harmonic tones.

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