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Topic: Woodblock Concerto #1 in Bb Major

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    Woodblock Concerto #1 in Bb Major

    Okay, so in Music Theory we have to compose something using only I and V chords. Someone suggested that I not do a normally instrumentation and that I should change it up a bit. So, I came up with this Woodblock Concerto using only I and V. (The woodblock is MIDI. Too bad there aren't any Garritan pitched woodblocks).

    I composed this in about two days, and plus it's really not my style, so obviously it's not that great. Eh, whatev'.


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    Re: Woodblock Concerto #1 in Bb Major

    Now this idea is just plain cool. Loved it!

    While I've certainly heard wood blocks used
    in concertos, I can't recall ever hearing a
    concerto for wood blocks.

    I think you're onto something, Cransworth!

    My best,


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    Re: Woodblock Concerto #1 in Bb Major


    Not only is it a novel idea, you've done a great job, lol. I really enjoyed this.

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    Re: Woodblock Concerto #1 in Bb Major


    Nice concept and great rendering of your idea.

    Fun piece


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    Re: Woodblock Concerto #1 in Bb Major

    Haha. Thanks everyone. I haven't turned this in yet. I wanna see how my teacher reacts since up till now I've only really done piano pieces and string quartets, nothing really out of the ordinary. He won't expect something weird like this.

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    Re: Woodblock Concerto #1 in Bb Major

    A Woodblock Concerto....hmmmm. Original. Unique. Fun to listen to. I enjoyed it a lot, Cransworth. Ever think of taking this on the road? Imagine what you could do if you could use more than I and V chords?

    This was a real treat. Thank you for sharing!

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    Re: Woodblock Concerto #1 in Bb Major

    Composing with I and V is pretty limiting - you made the best out of that limitation with a very fun piece. Quite imaginative.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Woodblock Concerto #1 in Bb Major

    At first I thought that I was going to have some trouble only using I and V chords, but it actually wasn't hard once I got into it. I guess it turned out okay.

    I'm kinda happy that we're doing this project, though, because now the kids in my class will understand how to use chords. =/
    That's what you get for taking Music Theory I. (Music Theory II was the same time as Wind Ensemble...)

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    Re: Woodblock Concerto #1 in Bb Major

    Cool stuff! You certainly made the most of I - V and Woodblocks! Funny, had just listened to another piece by David (etLux) and was thinking how experimentation can push a composer. You definitely made the most of this assignment and opened up some ears to interesting options.

    My only complain is...where is the cadenza. Wanted to hear somve virtousitic woodblocking!

    Great job!

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    Re: Woodblock Concerto #1 in Bb Major

    I was most impressed by the I / V aspect of it. The first time I heard this, my first thought was "no way, there must have been some other chords in there," but the second time around I can hear how it sticks to the rules. Very dextrous handling of such sparse material. And the woodblocks are a riot.

    -Chris P.
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