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Topic: The Sound of Inevitability (Gofriller + GPO)

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    The Sound of Inevitability (Gofriller + GPO)


    A line from the Matrix always kept me wondering:"That is the sound of inevitability, the sound of your death."" This is how I think that sounds. Unfortunately I had to reduce it to 160kbps due to the filesize but hope it's enjoyable nevertheless.

    The two cello's are from Gofriller, the French Horns, Bassoons and trumpets you hear in the bridge parts are from GPO. The piano is the Grand2, haven't been able to pick up a copy of the Steinway yet. Some kind souls rendered a piano track of mine and it shows it needs lots of editing to fit the different way it works and that's a little too much I can ask.

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    Re: The Sound of Inevitability (Gofriller + GPO)

    This is a very nice piece.

    I have only one question, why is the piano off in the corner?

    Well done


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    Re: The Sound of Inevitability (Gofriller + GPO)

    A very effective piece, Sleutelbos, and it strongly
    evokes the premise in your quote, :"That is the
    sound of inevitability, the sound of your death."
    Very well done!

    The work with the strings (as well as the supporting
    orchestra) was first rate in this -- and I'd love to
    hear this with the Garritan Steinway. In the mean-
    time, is there any way you can slide that piano
    a little more toward center?

    My best,


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    Re: The Sound of Inevitability (Gofriller + GPO)

    The Grand in standard placing spreads the bass and treble very much, great for solo piano works but with added instruments it sounds like the piano is wider then the stage. Ofcourse I should have placed it to the back instead of side to counter that, thanks for suggesting it. I'm off to Vienna in a few hours (going to see Figaro ) but when I get back I'll change it.

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    Re: The Sound of Inevitability (Gofriller + GPO)

    Interesting piece here. Maybe it should be called “The Sound of Inevitability – The Waltz of Death” – it just sounds so much like a dance to me, even during the slower sections.
    Trent P. McDonald

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