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Topic: OT-Results of tests from fall

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    OT-Results of tests from fall

    As some of you may know I took a fall of the roof of my home and suffered a bit of discomfort for days after. The tests are in and although there are no broken, fractured, split, or ripped muscles shown on the MRI's or XRays, the specialists confirmed their fears for the worst. Apparently, I'm normal.

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    Re: OT-Results of tests from fall

    Did you seek out a second opinion?
    Glad you are "normal" though. That must have been a scare for you and family. Take care, John

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    Re: OT-Results of tests from fall

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx View Post
    Apparently, I'm normal.
    My condolences! Did you get them to read any of your posts here?

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    Re: OT-Results of tests from fall

    Styxx. . . .

    This is good news! No broken bones or injured soft tissue is a good thing! (Although the aches and the pains are not fun. )

    Now with regards to "normal". . . .

    Ummmm. . . . The concept of normalcy is a nebulous state of being. It varies from person to person; it varies from situation to situation. Who can actually claim to know the precise size of the spectral boundaries to the concept of normalcy. Is the spectrum of normalcy wide? Is it narrow? Who the heck knows??? My computer's dictionary states that ". . .Normalcy has been criticized as an uneducated alternative to normality." So, "Normalcy" to some is considered "uneducated". How does the spectrum of normalcy (or "normality", as my computer's dictionary would have me say) include educated or uneducated?? Really!!! Could someone please explain this to me?? To further add confusion to the concept of the "Spectrum of Normalcy/Normality", some people believe it's quite "NORMAL" to jump off a roof and attempt to land on a trampoline!! Where does such beliefs fall into the "Spectrum of Normalcy"?? Errrrrrr. Excuse me. "Spectrum of Normality"??? Again, could someone PLEASE explain this to me?? I really want to know???

    Until then, I'm going back to bed to attempt to get more rest so that I'm ready for another night's work. I doubt I'll get more sleep, though. My mind if full of Spectrums and Normalities and Trampolines. Lots of trampolines.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: OT-Results of tests from fall

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx View Post
    ....... Apparently, I'm normal.

    Uhuhuhuhuhuhuh?!?!?! Since when? Do you really want this?


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    Re: OT-Results of tests from fall

    I had a friend who fell off a roof. He was in a coma for a few weeks, then came out of it and had to learn how to talk all over again. For years he could not pronounce my name. It always came out "Shlemon". Being the wiseguy that he is, he was giving me a little grief and getting a real kick out of it. I looked at him and said, "John, say my name." He replied, "Schlemm, Shlemon, Shleeem." As of now he can faithfully say my full name.

    I am glad that your mishap fared much better!
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    Re: OT-Results of tests from fall

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx View Post
    Apparently, I'm normal.
    I'm so sorry to hear that, Styxx. You've been through a lot lately. I hope things turn around for you. Is there any hope for a cure?


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    Re: OT-Results of tests from fall

    Hi Mike!
    I'm so happy that you didn't hurt yourself severely. It's always scary when you do something that causes injury. You've been in my prayers and will continue to be!! Feel better soon!!
    Take Care,

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    Thumbs up Re: OT-Results of tests from fall

    Glad to hear your OK, and relatively normal compared to how abnormal it could have been if you would have had a taller roof or a shorter trampoline.

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