Hi all,


I know this is subjective, but I would like your input on the different acoustic models of pianos out there since I am interested in pursuing my first grand piano purchase. I do want to limit my budget and will most likely end up getting a used piano. My budget would be between the 7-10K range. I know that Steinway, Bosendorfer and others in that class is out of my league. I find the Yamaha a little to bright for my liking. I play much improvosational/new age type music. I am thinking of Kawai, Baldwin, Wurlitzer, Knabe etc.

Popular Models per Brand:

Based on this budget, I would like to know which brands are pretty reputable for this range and what types of models piano's seem to be good models.

My goal is to get your experiences on Acoustic Piano's and kinda steer me towards a choice of models to choose from or steer me away from models. I can then go audition a few of such models in my area. I am looking for 5'1 - 6'1 pianos in length. It will be in my living room and I could set up a divider wall if I ever wanted to record it. I am based in Austin, TX.

I appreciate your input.