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Topic: Finale 2007 isn't recognizing KP2

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    Finale 2007 isn't recognizing KP2

    I was having numerous issues trying to get GPO to work properly on my Mac OS X for a long time but finally managed to get it to operate decently with Garritan Studio, and it hasn't been a problem for about a year. However, I recently decided to switch to KP2, and have had nothing but bad luck ever since.

    I went through the whole spiel in installing and authorizing KP2, and it works properly. I can load samples into it and play them on the little keyboard at the bottom. However, when I try to use it with Finale, it doesn't appear in the drop-down list of output devices in the MIDI Setup menu. Garritan Studio is still listed, as is "Finale Output 2007," but there is absolutely nothing related to KP2 to choose from.

    I hope I've provided enough information. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Finale 2007 isn't recognizing KP2

    You can't use the standalone KP2 with Finale unless you use a virtual MIDI cable like MIDI-Yoke (don't know what Mac equivalents are called) to connect Finale with KP2. The virtual MIDI cable will then appear in KP2's & Finale's MIDI setup much the same way as GPO Studio does.

    But, with F06+ you don't need to run GPO as standalone anymore. You can load it (KP2, that is (in the case of GPO KP2)) as a VST plugin directly in Finale (MIDI menu | Native Instruments VST setup...), provided you have made the KP2 VST plugin available to Finale (the KP2, that comes with Finale 2007 won't cut it, you need KP2.2.3+ to run GPO). I don't know for sure how to do that on a Mac - on a PC you would copy the KontaktPlayer2.dll file to your Finale 2007\FinaleVST folder. Find the original KP2 plugin file, that came with F07 and replace it with the one, that the GPO KP2 updater installed.

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    Re: Finale 2007 isn't recognizing KP2

    On a Mac, make sure your "gpo2instrument.txt" is in your FinaleAU folder, which is inside your Finale application folder.


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