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Topic: Chocolate audio, Bonzo kit for NI Battery

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    Chocolate audio, Bonzo kit for NI Battery

    Hi there)) I was trying to contact Simone via email for last few days, but he`s
    not home...
    Anybody has Bonzo drum kit for Battery?I have a few questions.
    1.How is mapping done?Separate midi channel for every drum or one channel for the whole kit?HH, opening stages-closed, opened, semi-opened ect- on different cells or there is some controller like pitch in S.I.D?One instance of Battery is enough for the whole kit or one instance for every drum?
    2.Is balance between dry and room-overheads adjustable ?
    3.Are there any other demos available on net?There is only one audio demo
    at Simone`s website, would be interesting to hear something different-some pop-funk-jazz...

    There is link for some .pdf file with mapping for Bonzo, but hmm...doesn`t work...


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    Re: Chocolate audio, Bonzo kit for NI Battery

    Opps))Just recieved email from Simone, everything is sorted out))

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