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Topic: gigastudio ssd

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    gigastudio ssd

    Anyone here have experience running gigastudio from solid-state drives? It's not clear to me if they are better for gigastudio or not since I hear despite having faster burst their overall throughput can be slower. I'm thinking a laptop which supports two drives would be an excellent portable giga box if fitted with two ssd drives. Opinions?

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    Re: gigastudio ssd

    Just get the new 2.5" 300GB Western Digital VelociRaptors and be done with it.

    I have always used Raptors since the WD360G's and they are quite fast. But nowadays even the slower 7200rpm's w/ 16MB cache are fine.

    I plugged the WD's for their great stability live for years w/o incident, and their 5 year warranty.

    The new VR is power efficient, and very quiet.

    I will be using them before years end in my SATA RAID cage w/ the Icy Dock 2.5 to 3.5 adapters.

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    Re: gigastudio ssd

    SSD has near instant seek times. It would be great (in theory) for a sampler. Haven't tried it myself.

    That said, my Tascam contacts say that CPU is more likely to limit polyphony than the HDD.

    The Velociraptor drives should be excellent: fast, small, cool and quiet. You can do even better though by splitting samples on two 7200 RPM drives.

    But for a laptop, SSD as the sample drive would be a nice, fast, compact solution. A standard HDD would be fine for the OS drive though, unless you want the ruggedness that SSD offers.

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    Re: gigastudio ssd

    Hmm, that's interesting--I had always heard that the harddrive is THE bottleneck. Also i wonder if the bottle neck is somewhere else when it comes to latency as opposed to polyphony.. anyone know about this?

    I'm looking at something like a Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz

    and obviously concerned as to whether having an SSD over a 7200 rpm drive would make a difference, since otherwise it would be $1000 well wasted!

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    Re: gigastudio ssd

    Years back a PCI card packed w/ RAM from Cenatek called the Rocket drive was demo'd by a friend using Gigastudio.

    It tricked the O.S. into using the card for it's samples, which were stored there for instant streaming. It was limited to 4GB's, but it held a few big libraries and worked fine, but I couldn't hear the nanosecond difference, so I let it go. The price was ridiculous then also.

    SSD would be a consideration for stabilities sake IMO, but WD HDD's have never crashed after many beatings nightly.

    When SSD's increase in size and drop their price, I would love to have them since I perform live, but for now, Raptors will have to do.

    I am concerned about this statement though.

    " SSDs are also considerably faster than 3.5” HDDs in terms of random reading but slower at sequential reading. The specific type of load must be taken into account for the latter: HDDs slow down at multi-threaded reading and are overtaken by SSDs. Flash-based drives have lower speeds of writing than modern HDDs, of course."

    With the dual core CPU's being the best choice these days, this is an interesting find. But what happens during a recording session ?

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