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Topic: It's Here

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    It's Here

    To save a little confusion for some of us Giga freaks, turn off your 3GB PAE switch if you plan on using 32 bit XP.

    I will upgrade to XP64 and continue using Scope DSP in it's new 64bit flavor once it's released.

    I on ly need to drop in another 2 DIMMS of 2GB's each and I will have 8GB's of RAM.

    The new app seems to have a better dynamic range and works very well w/ my P35 / E8500 combo.

    I just started messing w/ it and it looks to be a great live performer.

    Ahh,.....The Pedal Steel through my Leslie brings back memories of Poco, New Riders of the Purple Sage, and The Dead.

    This will be a very signature sound for me. My Guitarist is already nervous.

    Jump In For The Big Win.

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    Re: It's Here

    Hi Jimmy,

    Do you know if the all brand new SCOPE 5.x will offer at least GSIF level 2.0 drivers so as to use the audio input features of GS3.x & 4 ?

    Kind regards from FRANCE (www.maomusique.com),

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    Re: It's Here

    They have shined me everytime I ask, but Scope's my choice no matter what driver they release.

    It would be a dream to have that version though.

    Start a thread at the Z, or the French sister forum. Maybe they'll listen and release an upgrade at some point.

    I can't imagine using anything other than Scope / Giga DAW's. They have never crashed after all of these years of constant use.

    I'd rather fight than switch.

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