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Topic: Computer/Component Question

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    Computer/Component Question

    First post...hope I get this right.

    I teach in a public school music program and we are in need of a Portable System that will allow us to generate high end sound effects, as well us run our two Motif ES6's and two Akai MPD24 pads.

    We're using Storm Drum, AAS Modeling, and Atmospheres, as well as Forte VST to run all the sounds.

    We have an Eventide Eclipse digital effects processor as well.

    My real problem is.....we need to run the system off a laptop, and I'd rather not purchase a brand new one just for this.

    What I'm being told is that we need a 500GB hard drive @ 7200 RPM, with 4 GB RAM in order to get real-time feedback with no latency.

    We have two options in house:

    1. Brand new iMac, with all the fixins. 2.4 Ghz processor, 500MB Hard Drive, 4GB RAM. If we use this, will it all work? What VST works best with a MAC (as Forte won't run on Mac).

    2. We have a Dell 9300 Inspiron. It has the 4GB Ram and 500 MB hard drive, but the processor is only a Pentium M 1.6 Ghz. Will that run what we need it to?


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    Re: Computer/Component Question

    what is your audio interface? or are you using the mlan from one of the Motifs?

    the Dell is out if using any firewire connection especially at low latency.

    read this


    the comparison part can be used for any Ricoh laden chipset laptop.

    so its either an Apple MacBook Pro or a PC with TI chipset.


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