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Topic: Covert Giga, but key-switch doesn't work

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    Covert Giga, but key-switch doesn't work

    I probably made a wrong decision. After many years being a Giga user, few months ago I started to use Kontakt 2 on Mac. One main problem:

    I can convert my old Giga files to Kontakt files, but the key-switch does not work. If I hit a key, it just plays both layers. There is no way to switch between different layers. Though I can save key-switch .gig to several files while importing them (on the "OPTION> IMPORT"), it's not easy to use.

    Any idea?

    BTW, I found even without any filter or FX, EQ, the same sample sound differently on Kontakt and Giga Studio. Giga Studio seems to sound slightly better.

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    Re: Covert Giga, but key-switch doesn't work

    No, that's a good decision. I would make sure you update to the latest version of Kontakt 2 Mac - that should do the keyswitches correctly.

    If not, send me the file in question (or just tell me what it is) at nisupport@chickensys.com - I cna do something about it.
    Garth Hjelte
    Chicken Systems, Inc.

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