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Topic: Kontakt 2 with sonar 7

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    Kontakt 2 with sonar 7

    I have been a member from less than a week, and I have learned a lot from this forum and had a couple of problems solved - thanks so much.

    One more question - for now. When I insert a soft synth in Sonar 7, I get a drop down menu with the synths that came bundled with Sonar, and ones that I installed myself.

    Kontakt2 comes up in the main drop down menu, then if I go down to "vstplugins" it appears in a sub-menu there in three forms:

    Kontakt player2
    Kontakt player2_16 out
    Kontakt player2_8 out

    So basically, there are four ways I can insert the synth - one from the main menu, and three from the vst plugin menu. What is the difference? What should I be using - is one more preferred for certain situations?

    Is the one that is not under "vstplugins" at all the Dxi or something like that?

    Again - thanks in advance for any responses.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 with sonar 7

    Hi mikul,

    The set of three are VST. The other one is DXi. Both have exactly the same functionality (DXi vs VST). Of the three set, the ones marked 8out and 16 out have a reduced number of audio outputs. The DXi and other VST have 32 outputs. Using the reduced number of outputs can clear up some system space.

    Now, by default KP2 sets up only a stereo output pair, so there's no difference between any. If you want to reconfigure the outputs to have dedicated channels you'll see that KP2_8out and 16out have fewer to connect back to Sonar.


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