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Topic: I just finished a horror movie...

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    I just finished a horror movie...

    Actually I finished this about 3 weeks ago. In addition to scoring this film, I am also one of the films producers and was pretty much involved in every aspect of production including visual effects and sound. This has been a labor of love for me for the past year. My production company has 3 films going to Cannes in a few weeks. I scored (am scoring) 2 of them. This is our horror movie. This film XII and our romantic comedy, Bob Funk (which I just started). Our other film, The Perfect Sleep was scored by David Vanian of the band The Danmed here at our studio in LA. So please go check out our site:
    You can watch the trailer there. There is also a music page where you can here 7 of the cues from the film. We launched this movie this last weekend at Fangorias Weekend of horrors here in LA. We got a great response. We are really excited!


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    Re: I just finished a horror movie...

    Tmon, great work! Both on the film and the music. I'm kind of in your boat as well on my movies, directed the last one and doing the music.

    (warning, some nudity in trailer)


    We got the trailer out early for pre-sales and I didn't have time to do the music (tmp music only). But back to XII, loved the look and great killer! The story looks fun too, saw there juror number carved on there foreheads, nice touch. What was it shot on, film or HD? Looks like you had a decent budget as well (or pulled alot of favors, I know that well). Heard on some the cues some nice cluster work that gave that lovely creep that we all look for scoring horror. Good luck on this, again looks and sounds great! They should be pounding down your door (distribution wise).


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    Re: I just finished a horror movie...

    congrats to both of you. i too am working on my first horror score (though not directing). just got my rough cut last week so the final product is a long ways off, but when there's something ready to view i'll be sure and post. good luck with the next steps!

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    Re: I just finished a horror movie...

    Fantastic job on the music! How did you realize the score? Samples or live orchestra or a mixture of both? The film looks like a lot of bloody fun! Great suspense and tension. I LOVE the understated spare quality of the Main Titles (so creepy), although Wakeup is a great cue.

    I finished a horror film a couple of months ago, but the score is tied up in a record mix fiasco at the moment. It's nothing nearly as sophisticated as this. Despite the lack of specific musical motifs there is a real cohesion to the sound. Excellent work!

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    Re: I just finished a horror movie...

    Thanks guys! It was mostly samples. I have my own studio for recording so I have a ton of custom stuff. I also have all of the commercial libraires as well. This score is a whole mixmash of stuff. I did use my friend Ahrue Luster from the band Ill Nino for some guitar parts which I ran through Guitar rig. My next scoring project is much more musical motif in nature. I also recently produced a track for Steve-O (the guy from Jackass) upcoming rap album "Hard as a Rock" (this is no joke... coming out through MCA/Universal records). I dont know the release date but I'll keep you posted...


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    Re: I just finished a horror movie...

    Both trailers ... very well done, in all aspects.

    Good luck guys!

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