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Topic: Poll: Scarbee Upright?

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    Poll: Scarbee Upright?

    I'm making a public plea to Scarbee to develop an upright with the playability of Black/Red/Blue bass. Name it ugly brown bass if you want, just make it!

    If you would buy this, just post in this thread. And just post once, so Scarbee can easily and accurately gage demand. Even better... if a mod can make this a real poll with a simple "Yes, I'd buy" and "No, that doesn't interest me."

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    Re: Poll: Scarbee Upright?

    Yes, I would buy it NOW!

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    Re: Poll: Scarbee Upright?

    I would buy it now.
    richard sven
    sound sculptist
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    Re: Poll: Scarbee Upright?

    i would buy it yesterday.

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    Re: Poll: Scarbee Upright?

    Yes, I would buy it.
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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    Re: Poll: Scarbee Upright?

    Would love to see that.

    I do have a pair of Uprights from Gigastudio 2.54 that have followed me to GS3, now GS4.

    While they have recently been modified in GS4 using DEFfor added dynamics, thay are very long in the tooth.

    But the sound of the Uprights is just nice to have as most Piano libraries are so " clean ", it makes them a bad choice for certain styles.

    I have Scarbees's electro-mechanical EP's and they are superb.

    I am sure the Upright would be the same.

    Besides GS4 is hosting VSTi's now so once again K2 romplers are a welcome addition until my DSP cards go to 64bit.


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