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Topic: Price of JABB on PG Music

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    Price of JABB on PG Music

    Hi Guys,

    I am interested in getting JABB. I see it at PG Music for $169, everywhere else it is $199-$249, Is PG Music selling a different version? Or is there a reason they are able to offer this discount? Perhaps I should be safe and just order it from Gary?

    Thanks for anyone that can advise me.

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    Re: Price of JABB on PG Music

    There is only one version of JABB. (There is an older edition which runs on KP1 by default but it is freely upgradeable to the KP2 edition). PG may, however, be advertising lower than the MSRP.


    Edit: Their prices are all out of whack, some high and some low! For example, Bandstand there costs approximately twice what it costs at Sweetwater!

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