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Topic: Aria Question

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    Aria Question

    I've been wrestling with the K2 player in Logic and that got me wondering about the Aria player.

    If you have multiple instruments set in K2 (Violin 1 section, violin 2 section, viola section, etc), the recommended (NI whitepaper) way you set that up in Logic is:

    1) create an instrument track in Logic
    2) Add the K2 player as the software instrument
    3) Open the K2 player and add your instruments
    4) Open the output window in the K2 player and create a channel for each instrument
    5) Go back to the instruments in the K2 player and set the output to the corresponding output channel you just defined in step 4
    6) Go back to Logic and create an Aux channel for each instrument
    7) Assign the aux input to the output channel you defined in step 4.
    8) Create a midi channel for each K2 player instrument and assign the appropriate bus/input to the K2 instrument.


    The problem with this is you have a separate track for the midi data and audio out. So you have to switch between tracks to do stuff (verses one track per instrument). This approach is supposed to save you CPU loading, because the alternative is to create one K2 player for each software instrument track. This has the advantage of combining your midi and output mixer into one channel, but you get the CPU loading overhead by having a K2 instance for every instrument. It kind of defeats the idea that the player can load multiple instruments.

    Any information on how this will work when a package like GPO is ported to Aria in the future?



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    Re: Aria Question

    You seem to be starting from scratch each time. What you need is to make a setup with the instruments being used, 16 channels if necessary or more if you need and your system supports it. You should also have a midi set up track, often I believe called a header-this sets up all the controllers to a default level, can send sysex to keyboards etc.

    Save this blank file and use it as a template for all future work. Don't start a new project, open this one, rename it and save it and then start. Everything setup all ready to start.

    You can have a template file for as many setups as you like.

    If a new system sets up easier then its likely to be less flexible for other users.

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    Re: Aria Question

    On the topic of the Aria player,

    KP2 currently has the capability for reverb, which is quite reasonable. I'm talking about the Convolution reverb.
    I think that that will be one of the few things that I'll miss if I'm ever in the position of upgrading GPO to ARIA, or when I can get my hands on to GPOA and the Organ.

    Will/does Aria have a similar capability, or will I need to find a reasonable conv reverb plugin?


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    Re: Aria Question

    I believe that ARIA will include automatic positioning and reverb according to the position, if i correctly remember from past discussions. But i dont know if it will be able to load external or additional impulses reverbs files
    Marcelo Colina

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