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Topic: DAW from Spectrasonics?

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    Senior Member Patthoven's Avatar
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    DAW from Spectrasonics?

    God Eric,

    Not only do you create the most impressive sound technology,... but you teach your students how to use it!.

    I am soooo impressed and so gratefully, glad regarding the Modus Operandi of Spectrasonics, that if it were up to me, I would buy NOTHING else. By that I mean, I would buy your DAW, (if you offered one),your Vsti's and anything else you have to offer.

    Why? because there is no other company that has even come close to Spectrasonics in:

    a) quality of overall products ( samples and Vsti's)
    b) effects packaged with the same
    c) commitment to the end user via commmunication, and help in sofar as forums go
    d) refusal to simply be a follower in the "me too" crowd of developers

    I could go to "from a-z" with my points, but I won't bore you with my enthusiasm.

    I am so tired of promisies and large scale marketing promo's from other companies that I have become a bit a of sceptic.

    One thing I do know however, is that in all of the years that I have dealt with your company, I have NEVER received anything other than TOP NOTCH product and service( I must also include a newer member into this crowd which would be Kyle over at NineVolt).

    You guys have singlehandedly slung this industry on its ear. All of the pissers and moaners befudle me. I know the Mac thing has been an issue, but I am Windows,.....and though I say..... NO ISSUES.....(more ore less), most of any issues I have are my own goofy problems.

    So I can only say, Eric, having followed you for 20 years. I am one of your oldest customers, and certainly one of your oldest fans and advocates.

    You make me want to live and explore. I hope Omnisphere shapes up into the product that you have desired it to be. When I look at the preview videos, I can only tell you that my jaw drops with each passing video!!

    Given all that you know of the industry, the DAWS, their shortcomings, etc. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY along with a whole slew of my compatriots hereby petition you to create a new DAW,.....the DAW of the 21 century in a way that only Spectrasonics could possibly do.

    Fact is, you know the ins, the outs, the plusses, and the minuses, and all of the ho hum competitors crap. You've already put the effects induststry to shame with your RMX effects.

    Perhaps its time to take out the guys who just do DAWS because it's "their job" We nedd more. We need continuity, compaibility and workflow throughput that works.....

    NO ONE could do it better ,.... but then again you already know that.....

    Go for the Gusto Eric,... no one can touch you,... and if they they think they can,... they'll likely die tryin!!!!!!!!!!


    Patrick Dunn

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    Re: DAW from Spectrasonics?

    Thanks for your extremely encouraging and kind words! :-)

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    Re: DAW from Spectrasonics?

    Quote Originally Posted by Patthoven View Post
    God Eric,

    You make me want to live and explore.
    My god, it's love!

    Genuinely touching

    It's OK, the coast is clear, you can crawl back out of Spectra's backside now
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    9 Gig RAM
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    Re: DAW from Spectrasonics?

    Hey Patthoven friend, please let some space for others developers !
    Even if I can't moderate the enthusiasm I share with you...
    Sure, without SPECTRASONICS, our musical universe would not be as wonderful as it is ! ;-)

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    Re: DAW from Spectrasonics?

    I agree with Patthoven. Spectrasonics is one of the best (if not THE best) music software developers out there. I would be the happiest man on earth if they released the effect rack in Stylus RMX as its own plugin. I know Eric said that would not happen but a guy can dream can't he?


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    Re: DAW from Spectrasonics?

    I've already voiced (in a private email) a suggestion for Spectrasonics to release their RMX effects rack as a plugin. I was sadly told that it was unlikely to happen but perhaps a bit more support from this forum might swing a decision.

    I too think their effects are some of the best out there and would love to apply them more easily to my audio tracks and VIs. Come on Eric, do it for the people!

    Very much looking forward to Omnisphere as well.....along with the rest of the music making world.

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    Re: DAW from Spectrasonics?

    Quote Originally Posted by Patthoven View Post
    God Eric,
    Not only do you create the most impressive sound technology,... but you teach your students how to use it!..........
    Patrick Dunn
    AMEN!!! Patrick.
    I even bet it's good for business too.
    I only wish they had some Guitar SW out there to purchase.
    Keep up the good work Spectrasonics.

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    Senior Member Nigel W's Avatar
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    Re: DAW from Spectrasonics?

    Nice to see some enthusiasm here, that's good for the soul. On balance I'd also have to say that Spectrasonics are really tops, with a really long great track record, comparable quality-wise perhaps to Roland (on a different scale), with whom Eric of course had a long association.

    Omnisphere?.....over here!!



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    Not sure, theres trees.

    Re: DAW from Spectrasonics?

    I am new here, found the site looking for info, surprised to see some of the actual product developers here, as I dont do a lot of posting..Ive been using the Spectrasonics stuff for about a year now, RMX w/the sage xpdrs has turned out to be my go to for everything, I have templates in Logic that I have simply setup as RMX multi's for starting new projects..a bonus that cinema stuff is included, using them w/ TS gives me too much to choose from, which is always good..
    Atmo, really good plug, have had it for awhile and I still am exploring and finding new sounds..I use it everyday and I still find samples in it that Ive not gotten too yet..go to synth..
    Also have Trilogy, killer fretless and a very usable plug..very workable..none of these products tax my system, Im not afraid to open any of these no matter what else I have going on, so they are very usable tools..and as we all know, thats a very apptd thing...I utilize quite a few plugs, wish they were all as stable as these products...Omni is coming, from what Ive heard, its going to be very cool, and Eric, if u want to do a few new Sage's, go right ahead....


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    Re: DAW from Spectrasonics?

    I was thinking the same thing..

    steal a little from Ensoniq keyboards, a little from Cubase/Logic/Protools... and from the minds of Spectrasonics....

    I would pre-order one right now.

    I volunteer for beta tester also. or anything...

    the company that made the best VST/Library (in my opinion): Stylus RMX, and now the OMNISPHERE..

    if you even take RMX and make a sequencer out of it or something....

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