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Topic: Can't Load Very Large Samples with GS3

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    Can't Load Very Large Samples with GS3

    I can load up and run multiple large .gigs, such as 2GB pianos, with no problems. But I recently bought Sampletekk's The Big One piano, which I think is around 8GB, and I run into a problem. When I try to load TBO into GS3, the progress bar gets all the way to 100%, then a popup comes up that says "An unknown error has occurred, do you want to continue". If you continue, the sample is not loaded.

    So, as a test, I loaded up a bunch of other large .gig that together equal the size of TBO, and got the same error message. So, it's not TBO.

    Any idea what the problem might be? I have 3GB of RAM in the machine(which exceeds TBO's min system requirements), and my page file is set to 4GB. I tried to set it to 4.5GB (1.5x the total RAM), but the max XP would let me do is 4GB. Also, I have the latest GS3 version installed.

    Any help would be very much appreciated! I'm dying to hear this giant piano!


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    Re: Can't Load Very Large Samples with GS3

    Have you tried the memory optimizer? It's in the GigaStudio Configuration Manager, under the Troubleshooting tab. Click "Configure", which is near the lower right corner. You can then try and test the various settings.

    Also, GS3 tends to run best without the 3GB switch, AFAIK. Consider stripping the RAM back to 2GB - put it back the day you upgrade to GS4 and 64 bits.

    Best of luck!

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    Re: Can't Load Very Large Samples with GS3

    Thanks, Jon. I tried a couple of different settings on the memory optimizer, but no luck so far. Several of the options have the exact same name - something about "best for 1.5GB + higher". Is that the way it's supposed to be?

    Meanwhile, I had a major meltdown on my pc with GS3. I can't even complete a Restore from the Xp CD. So, I'm working through that. I have also stepped back to only 2GB of RAM, also.

    Once I get the system going, I'll be back to trying to get TBO to load again. Maybe I'll actually get some time to write some music at some point!

    thanks again,

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    Re: Can't Load Very Large Samples with GS3

    Yeah, options 2 through 4 all have the same description. They each put their own unique twist on the registry settings.

    Best of luck, Van.

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