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Topic: There's a "pop" in my custom samples...

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    There\'s a \"pop\" in my custom samples...

    I was wondering if someone could help me out...I\'m making a custom ambient GS instrument and it seems like there is one sample that has a \"pop\" at the end of the loop.
    I\'ve loaded up all of the .wavs in Sound Forge and can\'t see/hear the pop in both one-shot play and looped play.
    Is there something I should do with my Pre-Attack or Attack settings in GSedit?
    any help would be appreciated...

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    Re: There\'s a \"pop\" in my custom samples...

    If the pop happens at the end of the loop, it is more than likely because the waveform at the end of the loop and at the beginning don\'t quite match up.

    Try finding a \'zero crossing\' point for the beginning and end of the loop, or at least a point where the two parts of the wav match up.

    I don\'t know Sound Forge, so I can\'t tell you how to pursue better loops with it, but whenever I hear a pop in a loop - bad loop points are usually the cause.

    If you can\'t get it happening in Sound Forge, maybe this new loop editing software by Geniesys can help:

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    Re: There\'s a \"pop\" in my custom samples...


    If I remember correctly you are sometimes using one wave but pitches all over the keyboard.

    Some llops sound find at normal speeds, but when slowed down you get Low Frequency Pops because the sound isnt\' as consistant as it needs to be to play smoothly pitched down.

    If its happening all over, try some better crossfades in the loop, and make sure the loop poitns are correct in the gigaEditor.

    Attack settings wont help the loop. its all about the loop itself.

    I work with loops all day so if you still have an issue with it feel free to Email me

    find my mail on my website

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: There\'s a \"pop\" in my custom samples...

    Cool, thanks King - I\'m at work now, but I\'ll look at them again when I get home and maybe give you a holler...

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