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Topic: [help] Identify this piano sound!

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    [help] Identify this piano sound!

    Hi Northern Sounds,

    Could you guys try to identify this piano sound? I mean I've been trying to figure this out for awhile because I really like this sound and I am trying to get a similar sound library.

    MP3 #1> http://web.singnet.com.sg/~shockmx/home.mp3 (Middle to low octave)
    MP3 #2> http://www.snowhearts.net/home2.mp3 (Covers higher notes)

    These two songs are found in a korean drama's OST (Princess Hours) incase anyone wants to know.

    I personally think it could be a Steinway or a Fazioli (Synthogy Italian Grand)

    From pianoworld forums, someone told me it was a Fazioli sound.
    What's everyone's opinion on what this piano sound is?


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    Re: [help] Identify this piano sound!

    It sounds to me a little like the KSounds pianos--something about the reverb makes me think of their demos of their pianos for Kurzweil and the Motif.

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    Re: [help] Identify this piano sound!


    I second that. It does sound like the kSounds piano. I really like the piano sound of both the songs, but I like the second one more. I also listened to the Ksounds piano a few days back and I really like what I hear. I would get this piano if I could use it with Kontakt or Giga. Anybody know if the motif es format is compatible with K2 or Giga. Thanks

    Check out the Tender piano demo. I really like this sound.


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    Re: [help] Identify this piano sound!

    Ksounds's Kawai does sound good but however i believe its only the EQ.


    Take a listen to the Fazioli, there are some similar elements of the piano like how the sound is very round and empty (I donno how to describe this).

    I believe with correct EQ tweaking with the Italian Grand, should be able to come up with the similar sound.

    Does anyone agree with me on this?


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    Re: [help] Identify this piano sound!

    Quote Originally Posted by shockmx View Post
    I believe with correct EQ tweaking with the Italian Grand, should be able to come up with the similar sound.
    Hi Shockmx:

    I agree with you for the most part that eq (filtering) can change the tones dramatically but I am trying to understand how you'd eq to get that thumping felt sound of the keys. The sound is so close, intimate and clean. Take a listen to the "Tender" demo again. I can't see how you could get that sound using the Fazioli and applying eqs. To me the Fazioli sounds more like a tweaked Bos290. What do you think.

    But, again in support of what your saying, if you check out the German baby grand demos of the Galaxypianos you'll see a vast variation is sound between the demos. Try the demo "Edvard Gieg - Arietta". This sounds closer to the Ksounds piano to my ears than the other baby grand demos. So I am thinking this would pretty much be the eq effect. Keep in mind also that my PC speakers are not the greatest.


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    Re: [help] Identify this piano sound!

    Yeh, probably we got to leave the EQ aside...

    How about listening closely and beyond the EQ to the characteristics such as the brilliance and ring + colour of the sound? Because I think the color of the sound is essentially the most important.

    the ivory's IG demos are too classical - Found a youtube video here

    I thought it could be a Fazioli because in his playing, there are some parts that strike unbelievable similarities in the sound's color.

    *P.S. I know i may come in a little strong on the Fazioli, but I am keeping an open mind... The Ksounds tender piano does have practically the same kind of EQ to my hearing, but the Kawai is much mellower compared to that piano in the recording.

    What does everyone else think? Do leave your opinion guys! I hope it doesnt end up a Yamaha (there's some similarity here too) cause I took long to find my way to a Fazioli sound.


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