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Topic: Latency Question

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    Latency Question

    I'm using a Dell laptop (1.6 Ghz processor, 2GB RAM) to run some VST. I use Kontakt 3 as the host, and am running 2 Motif's and 2 Akai MPD's.

    I'm thinking of using a MOTU Ultralite Firewire Interface and a MOTU Microlite 5x5 Midi Sound Card.

    Anyone have experience with these as far as latency goes?

    The laptop has XP and Kontakt on it, and that's it. I stripped it down to operate just for this purpose.

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    Re: Latency Question

    the issue you may run into is your laptop.
    if its a newer dual core and you have an Express slot you are probably hosed.

    but yes the motu units are know for low latency assuming you have a TI firewire chipset on your laptop.
    if it is new you do not, you have the dreaded Ricoh chipset.


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    Re: Latency Question

    Not sure about the firewire chipset.

    The laptop is 2-3 years old. Pentium M Processor....not dual core.

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    Re: Latency Question

    I also have a PCI cardslot. Would that be better to use?


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    Re: Latency Question

    since its a single core processor you should be ok. it still has the ricoh chipset but they only became a serious issue with dual core and Express slot.


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