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Topic: hohner pianet for freeeee ;-)

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    hohner pianet for freeeee ;-)

    Some time ago my friend recorded chromaticaly Hohner Pianet/Clavinet DUO with 3 velocities per key. The instrument is very soft sounding e-piano with low dynamics, but I like it very much.
    The recording path was Hohner Pianet > TL Audio FatMan1 > Yamaha A5000 sampler. I just did very little processing to make it sound as \"natural\" as possible and to allow everyone to shape the sound the way you like it. It is not a commercial quality, but I think it has its own character that makes it usable.
    It is mapped for Halion, but you can always map wav files for any other format. The RAR file size is little over 25MB. Decompressed size is over 110MB.

    And question for Maarten about his SAMTESTtrumpet. I just downloaded the RAR file and have problem with decompression (it says crc error), I tried to upgrade to the latest version and the problem remained the same. Is there any way of fixing the archive? Or any tool that works on this archive? Thanks, I can\'t wait to try the trumpets ;-).

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    Re: hohner pianet for freeeee ;-)

    Anyone else still having this SAM rar problem? We have a larger ftp space now, so I uploaded one single big rar file. Perhaps the upload is corrupt.

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    Re: hohner pianet for freeeee ;-)

    a friend tried to download it too... but with the same problem... CRC error.

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    Re: hohner pianet for freeeee ;-)

    Ok I\'ll try to fix it a.s.a.p.

    Thanks for telling me.

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    Re: hohner pianet for freeeee ;-)

    is the fixed rar file uploaded? thanks again

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    Re: hohner pianet for freeeee ;-)

    Hi Maarten I tried it too and had the same problems

    Thanks for sharing your trumpet samples.


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    Re: hohner pianet for freeeee ;-)

    A \"crc error\" means that the file is either:

    -not complete before it was zipped
    -not complete when downloaded
    -not complete when it was uploaded to the ftp

    Just in case you didn\'t know what it means.

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    Re: hohner pianet for freeeee ;-)

    One more thing, those of you getting the crc error, you have to download ALL of the files before you try to unrar them. That is probably why you are getting the error. They are all part of one archive.

    So you need Samples 1/6, 2/6, 3/6, etc. all in one folder, then unrar the first one.

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    Re: hohner pianet for freeeee ;-)

    well, there is only one rar file (no other volumes) and it looks like it is corrupted on the server, at least 3 people has the same problem. File downloaded 100% and there is an error.

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    Re: hohner pianet for freeeee ;-)

    I have the set extracted with noproblem, so it works for some of us.

    Now all I have to do is map it into Giga...


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