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Topic: Ethnic Collection?

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    Ethnic Collection?

    I\'m looking for a good collection of ethnic instruments. I love Ilio\'s \"Heart of Africa\" and \"Heart of Asia\" CDs. Do the Ethno World and Rare Instruments have better overall collection? Or do they sound better? Would love to hear from anyone who owns any of the above libraries.


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    Re: Ethnic Collection?

    Rare Instruments is great. Used many instruments from it in a piece that takes you around the world in ten minutes using themes from Baptist mission hymns. (It was a commissioned work.)

    Received a call just the other night from a composer friend who received a gift copy of the CD that has that piece on it. He was flabbergasted. The instrument articulations allow very real sound and with emotion. Couldn\'t recommend Rare Instruments more.


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    Re: Ethnic Collection?

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    Re: Ethnic Collection?

    Ethno World is no Heart of Asia

    ITs got some ok points but two velocities and not many articulations of each instrument jsut doesn\'t do any of them justice.

    The percussive instruments might be ok as a starting point but need some programming.

    The actual Percussion is not so bad I find myself digging them up alot

    I\'l probably be doing the same with VR sounds percussion

    RI has garnered some great reviews, I\'m still a little frustrated that I\'ve put it off for so long. I want the Taikos and the Uilleann pipe/low irish flute, I\'m also curious about the Erhu...its one of my faves

    anyhow, I dont know if this many people can be wrong about it... I haven\'t heard one bad thing about RI at all

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Ethnic Collection?

    Rare Instruments is a wonderful collection, although it leaves you gasping for more, more, more !! Cant wait for RI 2, more instruments please......

    The duduk samples are a particular fave, I spend way too long, noodling around with them........beautifully sad and expressive


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