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Topic: Steinway ARIA Engine: So Far So Good says the Maytag Repairman

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    Steinway ARIA Engine: So Far So Good says the Maytag Repairman

    We were discussing this on chat recently and you may have heard of him: the Maytag Repairman. For years this sad-faced Maytag Repairmen has appeared in countless TV ads, complaining of loneliness and nothing to do because nobody ever called them to fix a Maytag appliance (presumably because they were so well made).

    Since the release of the Authorized Steinway virtual Piano, I am beginning to feel like the Maytag repairman myself.

    I must admit, with the release of version 1.0 of the ARIA player, I had some doubts. All version 1.0 releases are supposed to be replete with bugs - right? After all other engines had their expected share of problems when first released. With many different systems, formats and configurations - it is reasonable that things may just blow up - or at least break.

    So I sent the Steinway out to customers and distributors and waited.... and waited.... and waited...

    It was installed on Macs and on PCS, in 32bit and 64 bit operating systems, in all manner of sequencers, as standalone... and I waited...

    Maybe my phone line is dead. No - not the phone as I just got a sales call.

    Perhaps email was down. No - that's can't be it....I did get some emails and maybe time to duck. But the comments like: "This is by far the best piano library on the market", "the easiest registration I ever experienced", "you nailed the Steinway sound" - just kept coming!

    Very few support issues. In fact, far fewer than any other product we've produced so far.

    Then I headed over to the Listening Room. User demos keep coming and coming and they are fantastic! No longer lonely but embraced with music made with the Steinway virtual piano.

    Maybe I am just dreaming. I am sheltered on this island and it could be some strange "Lost" occurrence happening. I'm not sure what has happen.... but one thing I am certain...

    David and the team at Plogue, as well as Jeff and Tom, did a stunning job with the Steinway. This is a testament to these geniuses.

    This is not to say we don't have some things that need improving or fixing. We certainly do and some things have already been fixed and updates are in the works. Things are going much better than I imagined and I am confident as we go forward with new libraries.

    Being the Maytag repairman is not as lonely as I thought. Good engine, good product, good people who worked on it, good music from good users.

    Life is good....

    Gary Garritan

    [Reposted from the Garritan forum]

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    Re: Steinway ARIA Engine

    This is great to hear, although I'm sure someone at Apple is right this minute figuring out a new processor/platform/OS that will complicate things within a year or so.

    Are there plans to make the ARIA engine available as a playback format for user sample libraries? If so will it be able to load banks of sounds and respond to MIDI program changes? It sounds like a promising alternative to Kontakt.

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    Re: Steinway ARIA Engine: So Far So Good says the Maytag Repairman

    Congrats Gary

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    Re: Steinway ARIA Engine: So Far So Good says the Maytag Repairman

    Nice commercial, but I prefer video and sound.

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